Jean Kolb – Wellness Advocate, Executive Coach, Motivational Speaker



Well at Work? Really?

Leaders, how do you hold you and your team accountable for a healthy work environment?  Develop a culture of wellness that goes a long way in realizing a healthier, more productive place of work.  Self care, authenticity, vulnerability and mindfulness in the workplace are just a few ways to create a culture of wellness where all are encouraged to participate. Develop an action plan to achieve the highest engagement out of your employees through living and leading a wellness lifestyle at work and home. 

Choose the Best You!

The choices we make determine the life we live.  Learn new ways to make small choices that will reap big rewards in the life you choose.  No matter what age, what walk of life, you will come away with nuggets of wisdom to enrich your journey.  Jean Kolb will share her compelling story as a leader,  executive, wife, mother and involved community advocate.  You will walk away with action steps to proactively live a more balanced and enriched life.

Leadership through Wellness

Customize your session based on the area of focus for your group.   Time management, goal setting, team building, change, stress reduction are just some of the ways you can bring a more balanced approach when you return to your reality.  Learn actionable ways to achieve a higher level of happiness and balance in everyday life.

Live Well from the Inside Out

A session to motivate, inspire and teach a new perspective of wellness - from the inside out.  Jean will share her compelling journey of health and well being and the defining moment that lead her to take a hard look at her choices and lead her to the path she is on today.  Jean shares stories the peaks and valleys of her life - a life of purpose, passion and choices.  You will walk away with a new perspective on your choices and what you can do to live an even richer life tomorrow.

The Joy of I'mPerfect!

It's all about the apostrophe!  You will learn our imperfections are by design so it is best to embrace them through self-love, learning how to multi-bask and coming to the realization that striving for excellence, not perfection is the optimal goal.  You'll learn to "lose the cape" of wonder woman or super man and soar to new heights of joy in every day living.

Living Well in Corporate Hell

Learn techniques to be a survivor in today’s highly competitive corporate world.   Find ways to tune out so you can tune in to the person you are and need to be in order to be healthier, mentally, physically and emotionally.  Learn how to not only survive but thrive in a highly plugged in but emotionally unplugged world.

Customized For You

The world of wellness and leadership can take many different roads.  Depending on the objectives for your group or organization, Jean will customize a message that will resonate with the audience.  She will do this with the same attention to detail, mixing in laughter and strong, memorable key messages.