Jean Kolb – Wellness Advocate, Executive Coach, Motivational Speaker


One-to-One Professional Coaching

Develop a solid path towards a more balanced and fulfilling life with one-to-one focused sessions.  You will learn how to set achievable long term goals, identify your current reality in relation to your overall wellness, define obstacles and opportunities to build a game plan to move forward in a positive direction.  You will leave with a strong foundation to achieve your goals in whatever area they may be.   Areas of focus include leadership development, work/life integration, stress management, authenticity and personal ownership.  Choices in well being including physical, mental and emotional begin with you and resonate into all areas of your life.  

Professional Speaker

A little inspiration goes a long way!  Revitalize and engage your group with a dynamic session that will have lasting impact.  Jean shares her compelling journey as a leader,  executive, wife, mother and involved community advocate.  Participants will walk away with action steps to proactively live a more balanced and enriched life both at work and at home.  Whether you are a business executive, entrepreneur, community leader, church organization or somewhere in between, Jean will share her nuggets of wisdom to make you think about the choices you make and how they affect your life today and in the future.

Mistress of Ceremonies/Emcee

Jean is a very dynamic and charismatic host with the professional experience to engage and entertain a crowd while sticking to the "script" and conveying the overall event message.  She is a very detailed and organized emcee who will work with organizers to understand the vision for the event and then deliver.  She is highly energetic, personable, funny and compassionate to audiences of all sizes.