Jean Kolb – Wellness Advocate, Executive Coach, Consultant, Speaker
Living well is a choice – choose wisely.


Jean Kolb is a dynamic individual whose expertise includes executive coaching, spa consulting and motivational speaking.  She has a strong passion for leadership through wellness and sharing her knowledge with others.  Jean’s passion was sparked early in life by her mother who shared her wisdom on the importance of making wise choices.  She is relational in her approach while instilling thought provoking ideas on the little choices we make that can have a significant impact within our organizations and our lives.  Whether an individual, group or large organization, Jean guides you through establishing goals, confronting your realities and obstacles, finding opportunities and then determining a way forward.  

Jean has over 35 years in the corporate arena holding a variety of leadership positions within the health and wellness industry.  She instills the highest standards of the guest service experience and utilizes her knowledge to translate the highest personal service standards for one’s own life. 

Jean shares her wisdom, provides opportunities and tools for you to achieve higher levels of personal and professional success and by doing so, live a happier and more fulfilled life.