After 35 years in the corporate arena, Jean knows what it takes to be a strong, dynamic leader in highly competitive markets.  She shares her knowledge through one-on-one coaching sessions with clients who strive to make positive, impactful changes in their work and home environment.  The sessions take place in person on property or through a variety of media outlets such as Skype or Facetime.  Her many years of mentoring Kohler Co. executives through Kohler's NXT Leadership Program, have given her the tools to help others develop specific, measurable goals, discuss current realities, and identify obstacles and opportunities for the client.  Together an action plan is developed with specific behavioral changes that will be made over a course of several months. Accountability is the key to success and Jean is diligent in holding her clients accountable for the path they have created.  In doing so, goals are realized quickly and clients see the positive results that occur through smarter, more deliberate and thoughtful choices.  

Working with Jean has been an outstanding experience. Jean is such a pro and comes in and immediately instills confidence in her abilities, professionalism and experience. I watched Jean help transform a skilled manager into a true leader. Jean’s balance of coaching with high expectations inspires those around her to want to be their best and gives the the road map to get there.
— Chris Bird, Director Operations Nemacolin Woodlands Resort
Jean is one of the most inspiring, determined, confident and candid people I know. She holds herself to a high standard and expects nothing less from others. Jean instilled a new found confidence in me. She encouraged, pushed and challenged me to think differently. Her guidance helped me to take risks that has led to a more balanced and happy life.
— Katie Begalke, mentee
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As my career grew more successful, my life became less and less balanced. Jean helped me define non-negotiable behaviors that led to improved results at work and home. Finding my personal balance opened the door to a more productive me while decreasing my stress and increasing my joy.
— Amy Meyer, Executive Vice President Kohler Co.