Jean Kolb – Wellness Advocate, Executive Coach, Consultant, Speaker


Jean's credentials include:
KOHLER CO, International Spa Association, Wellness Council of Wisconsin

Jean is one of the most savvy spa professionals I know. Always positive, diligent, hospitable and encouraging. Spas exist to espouse a cleaner, higher and spiritually gratifying caliber of life and Jean is all of those qualities. I attended one of her talks and noted her conviction for wellness. I could almost feel her words. She is a gifted communicator and has the ability to inspire others to take action.
— Dr. Bryan Williams, D.M.


Early Years

Jean grew up in a small midwest town in America’s Dairy State of Wisconsin.  She learned her core values from her hard working parents both of whom worked from the time Jean was young.  Jean had four siblings, three of which were older brothers so Jean learned quickly how to survive in a very competitive household which worked to her advantage in her later years.  Her mother continues to be her mentor, teaching Jean the world of wellness before the word was popular.  All aspects of body, mind and spirit were instilled in the very formative years.  Jean graduated from a local high school and later an accredited private college in Wisconsin.  She stays true to her roots in all aspects of her life while promoting mindful, healthful living. 

Corporate World

Jean entered the Kohler Co. corporate world one week after her 18th birthday.  She clearly remembers driving to work the first day for a multi-billion dollar company.  She was going to give it two years and then find a smaller company where she could make a difference.  After 35+ years at the same company Jean made a difference in a variety of positions from the beginnings in the purchasing department, to the office of the CEO and inspiring front line staff through leading the corporate wellness businesses of world class spas, health club, and yoga studio.

Health and Wellness Arena

Jean inspired health club members, resort guests and associates with her infectious personality.  Jean pioneered training programs, educational offerings and world class, leading edge services.  Her vision of positively touching the lives of associates and guests through the enrichment of mind, body and spirit have been the foundation of work and life every day. 

Spa Industry

Jean remains actively involved in the spa industry and is a past chairman and current member of the International Spa Association, a non-profit organization, the leading authority on spa representing more than 80 countries.  She was elected to serve on the ISPA Board of Directors for eight years.  She has built strong relationships with industry colleagues, vendors and suppliers and today serves the organization on the Nominations and Speaker Task Force Committees.

In 2012, the Kohler Waters Spa was awarded the Forbes 5 Star designation, the highest rating within the spa industry and still holds this ranking today.  Jean’s leadership in high quality customer service, innovation, passion and consistency in all aspects of the business was instrumental in attaining this designation. 


Jean began leading a team of professionals in 1995 with her appointment to Manager of the Kohler Co. health club, Sports Core.  With the opening of the Kohler Waters Spa in 2000 and subsequent spas in 2006 and 2008, Jean has lead over 250 associates instilling the highest levels of quality and consistency in the work environment.  Through motivation, inspiration and accountability, the Kohler Waters Spa achieved its Forbes Five Star award in 2012. 

Jean is a very strong, dynamic and passionate leader who believes that a leadership role comes with great responsibility and has to be balanced with great humility.  “We create sustainability in our industries if we choose to develop future leaders in a positive way.”  She leads with compassion for the associate while understanding the needs of business.  Jean has a strong presence when working on-on-one with leaders or whenever she speaks to groups about bringing five star leadership into one’s work environment.